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Posted: June 24, 2010 in 2060s, Greys, Greytech

The recovered remnants of the Grey fleet’s ships and equipment revealed a level of technology barely above 2060s bleeding-edge technologies. Human scientists and engineers reproduced allotropic alloys in a few years and cracked the base-17 alphanumeric programming languages fairly quickly; what took them years to really grasp was the alien system engineering and design philosophies behind the tech.


The original progenitors of the Greys didn’t last for long, finally succumbing to human veneral disease in 2066. However, a team of Scots-Canadian researchers kept seven of their cell lines alive well into the 2070s, and is alleged to have used them in experiments involving the insemination of chimpanzees. This is more or less assumed to be the cause of the Great Ape War of ’79.

1: Grey Irish

Posted: June 22, 2010 in 2060s, Grey Irish, Greys, Ireland, Psychics

The Grey Irish are the descendants of the remnants of the Zrr’gbk fleet, which was caught in a terrible hyperstorm and crash-landed on the shores of Ireland in the 2060s. Their descendants are primarily noted by the prevalence for grey skin tones and psychic powers.