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“You have to understand, at the time that focus was finally shifting to the more dramatic ETransgenic possibilites, the human genetic pool had already been terminally contaminated, if that’s the right word. In barely twenty or thirty years we had entire generations of hybrids, rich pricks were dosing themselves with cloned alien stem cells in a bid to look younger, and a government project to breed a new species of chimp had resulted in a war in Africa. We were still getting our shit together when the Bakleen trade ship drifted in.” – Mi Ke Namura.


The Vancouver Cuckoos received lavish worldwide media attention. Interesting to ETransgeneticists was the fact that the apparent mutations fell into two phenotype categories: the ascended, nearly hairless “lizard people” with their bizarre genitalia, and the sexually dimorphic “ativism” twin-pairs that displayed prehensile, hairless tails. The mutations were ultimately believed to be the result of two different parasitic infections.

Also in 2083, roughly 2 percent of children born in Vancouver, Canada were born as ETransgenics; the result of a prenatal vitamin supplement contaminated by a Silverback humanzee from the Consensus. “The fucking monk-man put something into the vitamin B tanks. All of them.” – Edwin Phelps, Manager of BabyCarePharm

Into this void stepped 17-year old Grey Irish beauty Blasphemy Kirkpatrick, from Dublin. The grey-skinned beauty was able to render the torrent of untapped filth from the Hollywood psyche into mere palatable smut that could be safely pandered to the masses. Her tactile scans were experienced by roughly one billion sapients during her breakout year of 2082.