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“Religion is a disease of the mind, but like most diseases you need to be exposed before you’re innocculated against it. I see sex as a form of worship. Care to build up your immune system?” – Blashephmy Kirkpatrick


“Greykin started popping up on the global computer networks not long after the Zrr’gbk first arrives. Computational archeology has salvaged ancient fanfics and remnants of the forum posts where teenagers would gather and talk about how they were Grey souls trapped in human bodies – literally searching for or claiming alienation, probably for attention. Then Blasphemy Kirkpatrick came along and told them it was all true. Like trying to put out a fire with antimatter.” – Xie Xie Nyugen

“Blasphemy was a walking Mindfuck effect. Just looking at her dorsal scales made you spout poetry more evocative and disgusting than James Joyce’ love letters. She could have done anything, been anything. In Hollywood, a beggar gang organized a shrine-commune in her image with an economy centered on oral sex. That’s what she could do to you.” – James Z.

Into this void stepped 17-year old Grey Irish beauty Blasphemy Kirkpatrick, from Dublin. The grey-skinned beauty was able to render the torrent of untapped filth from the Hollywood psyche into mere palatable smut that could be safely pandered to the masses. Her tactile scans were experienced by roughly one billion sapients during her breakout year of 2082.