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“My granda was a shepherd, same as his da and his da and so on back to when some English prick probably chased us away for rustling sheep. Granda spent a lot of quiet time out among the sheep, thinking. There’s lots of different sheep, he used to say, and there’s lots of different ways to raise ’em. The grass, the water, the cycles of day and night – everything leaves its mark on the wool, the meat, the lambs. The sheep get funny when he’d drive ’em south to market. An’ if you mixed two sheep from different farms, the lambs would have a bit of both in ’em. That’s the way I reckon we Rishti are. Two different sheep. Biological clocks buggered to hell and gone; we’re on something like a 27-hour cycle by default. Not that it matters much, we’re earthborn folk, not born under no alien skies. Earth grass, earth water, earth time. That’s how we’re raised.” – Colm Butler



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“Earthlife breaks food down into component parts, then builds them back up again into what we need. Greylife operates at a higher resolution, able to incorporate proteins and substances they digest directly, but unable to break down certain substances or synthesize every necessary biological component. ETransgenics usually display a combination of these traits, and require specialized dietary systems to thrive.” – Joanna Greykin, Dietitian

Public Education

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“I blame the public education system, which these days equates to the internet. All anyone understands is Mendellian inheritence; the genetics articles are scientific blatherskite nobody wants to wade through. That’s why you have idiots talking about how grey their blood is, the purity of their ancestral line – the Greys aren’t peas folks. They represent a completely separate source of DNA, at least some of it possibly synthesized. When those first lost and lonely space sailors smacked down and finally rubbed up against those red-headed lasses, it was the genetic equivalent of crossing a horse and a donkey – well, no, but you can go read up on chromosomes and all that. The point is, the Grey Irish are a hybrid species. Something new. We can never go back to the way it was.” – The deLucca

“Greykin started popping up on the global computer networks not long after the Zrr’gbk first arrives. Computational archeology has salvaged ancient fanfics and remnants of the forum posts where teenagers would gather and talk about how they were Grey souls trapped in human bodies – literally searching for or claiming alienation, probably for attention. Then Blasphemy Kirkpatrick came along and told them it was all true. Like trying to put out a fire with antimatter.” – Xie Xie Nyugen

Into this void stepped 17-year old Grey Irish beauty Blasphemy Kirkpatrick, from Dublin. The grey-skinned beauty was able to render the torrent of untapped filth from the Hollywood psyche into mere palatable smut that could be safely pandered to the masses. Her tactile scans were experienced by roughly one billion sapients during her breakout year of 2082.

Opponents to the Grey Irish theory posit that the unlocked psychic potential actually comes from the potential higher percentage of neanderthal genes, though they have failed to reproduce these effects with cloned neanderthals provided by the Korean labs.

1: Grey Irish

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The Grey Irish are the descendants of the remnants of the Zrr’gbk fleet, which was caught in a terrible hyperstorm and crash-landed on the shores of Ireland in the 2060s. Their descendants are primarily noted by the prevalence for grey skin tones and psychic powers.