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Psychotropic weapons have their origins in DARPA-fueled research grants for nonlethal crowd control. Infrasonic sound can affect structures in the brain, microwaves can simulate an auditory efect directly in someone’s head – electromagnetic hearing, also known as the Frey effect. Some bright young grad students at MIT tried to put them together for a rave and two generations later the Russians were using flash-rape devices against insurgents in Georgia.


Bollywood was the sleeping dragon of the last century. India and its client states had a greater English-speaking population than the USA, UK, and Dominion territories combined, and Bollywood was their honey and salt. The Mindfuck-event staged in Mumbai in 2078 was the equivalent of a popular, talented young actress so self-conscious that she allows herself to be mutilated by a gold-card cosmetic surgeon, pursuing an unnatural beauty. The resulting psychotropic shitstorm turned Bollywood into a dozen atomic-flaming spewing gojiras.

The creative output of Hollywood increased ten-thousand percent over the next six months since the deployment of the psychotropic weapon, but the majority of the scripts and shorts were unfilmable or unwatchable to those who had not experienced the weapon. A translation effect was necessary to bring LA back in touch with the real world.

ETransgenic bonobo populations became such a nuisance in the Los Angeles megasprawl that the state governor of the time, Michelle Xanakis, acting as commander-in-chief of the state milita authorized the use of a single psychotropic weapon. The resulting damage to the collective mindscape of LA has been called “the Mindfuck Zone.”

“‘The Mindfuck Zone’ is simply the psychological scar caused by the psychtropic weapon. You have to understand, these things rip right past all the bullshit your brain normally screens out, and lets you experience the world raw. For three days script writers in LA could see nothing but rains of aborted fetuses and a sea of human effluent. Then, God help us, they found their word processors.” – Maxoltl von Powers, Action Psychologist

The Silver-Backed Kings and their Humanzee troops, allied with the New Republic of Liberia, managed to seize a substantial portion of the Gold and Ivory Coast before diplomatic entreaties and the threat of ancient, untested Russian psychotropic weapons resulted in the Treaty of Gallimont, fixing the borders of the Consensus of Africa.