Damned Kids

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Greykin, Quotations

“They’ve got it so the kids can make themselves look like aliens now – my damned nurse has a scalloped skull, skin washed out to greyish brown, rorschach eye tattoos…why is it that just when we can make ourselves look like anythng we damn please, all the body artists on the planet decide Greys are it?” – Jerry Hollis, 97


Psychotropic weapons have their origins in DARPA-fueled research grants for nonlethal crowd control. Infrasonic sound can affect structures in the brain, microwaves can simulate an auditory efect directly in someone’s head – electromagnetic hearing, also known as the Frey effect. Some bright young grad students at MIT tried to put them together for a rave and two generations later the Russians were using flash-rape devices against insurgents in Georgia.

Fungus Cairn

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The first fungus cairn arose spontaneously from Grey-289 when he drowned in a puddle outside Ulster, the first alien to die of a human yeast infection. Most Terran viruses and bacteria didn’t quite work on the original crew, but for some reason the initial Greys were particularly prone to fungal infections.


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“Earthlife breaks food down into component parts, then builds them back up again into what we need. Greylife operates at a higher resolution, able to incorporate proteins and substances they digest directly, but unable to break down certain substances or synthesize every necessary biological component. ETransgenics usually display a combination of these traits, and require specialized dietary systems to thrive.” – Joanna Greykin, Dietitian

Bollywood was the sleeping dragon of the last century. India and its client states had a greater English-speaking population than the USA, UK, and Dominion territories combined, and Bollywood was their honey and salt. The Mindfuck-event staged in Mumbai in 2078 was the equivalent of a popular, talented young actress so self-conscious that she allows herself to be mutilated by a gold-card cosmetic surgeon, pursuing an unnatural beauty. The resulting psychotropic shitstorm turned Bollywood into a dozen atomic-flaming spewing gojiras.


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The recovered remnants of the Grey fleet’s ships and equipment revealed a level of technology barely above 2060s bleeding-edge technologies. Human scientists and engineers reproduced allotropic alloys in a few years and cracked the base-17 alphanumeric programming languages fairly quickly; what took them years to really grasp was the alien system engineering and design philosophies behind the tech.

The Consensus of Africa was the first truly integrated multispecial supernational group to emerge in Africa, but it was troubled almost fromt he start. The Silver-Backed Kings’ militant societal construction for their humanzee troops resembled an atheistic version of the Taiping Rebellion, but the enforced peace of 2078 saw s…ignficant troubles for the transgenic apes. These were quite literaly a new people, full-formed without a cultural identity or history of their own, feral children raised in labs with the lingering remnants of tribal instincts diverted into military esprit de corps. In this void, the concept of of apETransgenic society eventually coalesced around a central text: Abraham Maslow’s “Eupsychian Management.”